For centuries writers have been inspired to use the old forests of Britain as settings for fantastic stories. Examples: Malory’s stories about knights of King Arthur’s court; Shakespeare’s play about Oberon & Titania; Tolkien’s stories about hobbits; JK Rowling’s stories about wizards.

In October of 2013, I visited one of those old forests in the Wye Valley, near Saint Briavels Castle, and took many photographs of the trees and landscape. This month (December 2014) I used some of those photographs as settings for images of fantasy. They are theatrical digital collages. The black and white characters and props were created from elements of illustrations published in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The photographic faces were adapted from antique photographs.

These five images have been printed on cards that are now available at The Nearsighted Narwhal shop in Tacoma, Washington.

SMBrown_TolkienForst#5 SMBrown_TolkienForest#2 SMBrown_TolkienForest#1 SMBrown_TolkienForest#3 SMBrown_TolkienForest#4