This artist book contains a few hundred pages of texts translated & edited from texts written in the late 15th to early 18th century. It has multiple illustrations, including 18 pop-ups. Their backgrounds are photographs of historic landscapes and buildings I photographed in Scotland, England, and Wales in 2013. The pop-ups are characters created by adapting elements of illustrations in historic publications, with faces adapted from photographs of people in the 19th century.

It was included in the Heroic Works exhibition at one of Oxford’s Bodleian libraries in the summer of 2017. The books at that exhibition were then moved to show people at other libraries in England this autumn, and will be displayed at Boston, MA in November, this year.

Here’s a picture of this book’s cover and description of the binding & contents, published in ‘Heroic Works: Catalogue for Designer Bookbinders, International Competition 2017,’ Edited by Jeanette Koch.

Here’s a page that shows an example of text that was translated:

And here are two of the pop-up illustrations: