Some of these imaginary characters are supporting real sea creatures. The real ones are colorful. Some of those species are endangered by the climate change or sea pollutions.

One hundred Oceanic Collage Bookmarks were sent to be included in the artist bookmarks exhibitions at libraries, organized by Sarah Bodman at the Center for Fine Print Research in Bristol, United Kingdom. The exhibitions were at Canada, Cuba, Iceland, the United Kingdom and USA, beginning in September 2016.

Those 100 bookmarks, 25 copies of each design, were given to those libraries, other bookmark creating artists, etc.

The characters were created by adapting elements of illustrations found in antique publications. Their faces were adapted from photographs printed during the 19th century. The oceanic backgrounds and colorful creatures are adapted underwater photographs in Puget Sound, the USA’s northwest coast, of the Pacific Ocean.

Here’s a link to the wonderful multiple bookmarks in that exhibit done by many artists: